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Social media are an integral part of our daily life. The amount of active users is enormous — 3.8 billion people. So, it’s not weird that nowadays if you want to have a profit you have to promote your brand on various social platforms. It is also a well-known fact that video advertisements bring more engagement than any other type. They catch attention better, encouraging communication with the brand. The right created video image is more likely to stay in people’s minds and can help customers tie your ads with your product.

What happens when you combine video and social media? Profit.

Remote Video Editors is a dedicated, creative team that is going to make great visual materials for your ad campaigns using animation, motion design, 3D, and even more.
We can work with your projects and materials or create a new one from the scratch. Virtual employees can develop existing ideas or come up with their own as well.

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If you need something particular, don’t worry. Our employees are always up to interesting, challenging tasks. They will go into it and will try their best to come up with a decent, unusual solution.
Experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc. they can manage to create different formats of motion ads just for your business’ needs.

Meet our dedicated video editors

Please, devote a minute and check out our remote guys’ portfolios and video resumes.

Mykhailo Hlotov

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Oleksandra M.

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Elena D.

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Irina S.

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