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Balance the tone of your video with the help of our film colorist

Color correction it’s a process that used in photography, videos, television, cinematography that uses filters to fix tones or correct saturation

Look through the list of our color correction services right here:

You can improve any short film, feature film, or TV show due to color correction techniques. Color correction helps smooth colors from frame to frame, balancing dark tones, fixing white balance, and gives the video a more continuous feel, allowing the viewer to focus on the subject.

   Further, our offerings include shot matching, skin retouch, de-noising, color isolation, and shifting. Shift color values ​​to change the expression of an image. Consistency is the secret of the best video color correction services.  

Check out the types of color correction that we offer you below

Basic color correction

Correction of technical errors to make the video materials look   realistic and natural  

Documentary color correction

Used for adjustment of colors in documentary movies

Underwater color correction

Needed to balance and correct  underwater colors

Find out which industries you can use chromatic correction in

Color correction in the film is explained by the fact that the material shot on different film types or under other lighting conditions has a different color rendition. In addition, color adjustments can partially correct imperfections during shooting. 

   The usage of color correction in photography is crucial to the primary processing of an image to create the most gorgeous and eye-catching image by adopting modification that maintains the correct balance of contrast and white, good exposure, brightness, and noise. After cropping the frame, you need ​​so that the color of the video matches what your eye perceives. It would help if you adjusted color components to alter the overall color and visual style. That’s why color correction in the video can be helpful.   

Choose one of our freelance colorists according to your needs

Color colorist

Develop the video’s color scheme to achieve a particular style or mood.

Secondary color correction

Includes highlighting parts of the objects in the video frame and correcting only those.

Primary color correction

Manipulate your entire image so that the brightness and color look natural in your shot.

Look through the portfolio of our video colorists right here

Game colorist portfolio

 Examples of color correction in  video  game by our best specialist.

Portfolio of video colorists

A sample of video color correction made by our specialists.

Movie colorist portfolio

Present a sample  of usage a color correction in the movie   by our skillful  film colorist