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Our remote video editors provide color grading and color correction services and help make quality video content for different projects.

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hire specialist

Video color correction services

Give your footage a cleaner and more unified look with post production editing from our specialists.

Our video color correction services include fixing white balance, retouching, brightness and contrast calibration, and color balance. We will adjust RGB curve, shadows and saturation, and correct exposure
to capture the exact visual and match your material’s appearance consistently.

Types of color correction

  • Primary color correction

    adjusting and correcting the entire video image

  • Secondary color correction

    selecting certain parts of the image or objects in the video frame and correcting only those parts.

Color grading for any purpose

There are several possible areas and platforms where our employees can apply color correction in video editing.

  • Color grading for youtube videos makes them more visually appealing and helps to catch the attention of potential clients.
  • Specialists may also offer you commercial color grading to make any of your promotional video materials look clean and vibrant.
  • There’s also color correction in social media — to make your promo stand out among the endless posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed.

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