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Remote video editors will help you create the right video framing for your project. Try our post-production editing to hook your target audience!

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Video framing services

The shot composition and framing services from our specialists will make your viewers feel involved in the scenes of your clip.

The wide range of video post-production editing includes keyframing, retouching, and color balancing.
We will add objects, motion graphics, voice-overs, and background music to make your visual content more engaging.

Types of framing our specialists work with

  • Wide shot

    a frame in which a character or group of characters is completely in the frame.

  • Medium shot

    a frame that shows an actor from the top of his head to mid-way down the torso

  • Close-up shot

    a shot of a subject or object taken at close range to show the viewer more detail.

Video framing for any purpose

Emphasize the object that you are going to show in your commercial using video framing in marketing. It plays a vital role in affecting a consumer's decision-making ability.

  • We provide video framing in advertising to help present your brand and influence how viewers interpret informa.tion about your product.
  • Our video production specialists will help keep the viewers engaged with video framing in social media and create an emotional connection with the object of your story.

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