We provide our clients with a wide variety of voice acting services.

Our voice performing specialists can add voice-over to make an accompaniment for your videos. To make your videos more popular among foreign audiences, we can add voice-over translation to change the speech from the video into any foreign language. Also, our video editors add text to voice-over or subtitles.

What types of voice-over can we add to our client’s videos?

Corporate voice-over

is a voice of companies for public branding, instructional products, and different internal training

Commercial voice-over

is one of the most effective ways of promotion, commercial voice for the promotion of a particular service or product

E-Learning voice over

adding the recorded voice to the online learning process

Find the video editor according to your production purpose

The primary purpose of using voice-over for a video is to improve your video and make it more informative to get more clients who will follow you. If you need voice-over for order & service, we guarantee that with the help of quality videos, you will get more orders for your business. Our specialists will help you promote your products by voice-over advertising on the internet and social networks. If you have a channel on YouTube, we can make your podcast more interesting with a voice-over for YouTube vlogs.

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