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About me

Hello. My name is Alexander, and I’m a video editor and motion designer. Let my works speak for me. Now I’m working as a video editor for a Forex trading company. I make promo videos for their SmartTrade app. I’m good at working both on my own and in a team. I’m constantly improving my skills and I’m able to show great results. I manage difficult situations, for example, strict timing, by dividing the big project into several small steps. This helps me to organize everything and catch up quickly. My strong points are creativity, an open mind, and being goal-driven.


Video editor at Remote Helpers


November 2019 — present

Editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting.


Video editor at Fermex Advisory

November 2019 — October 2021

Processing of "raw material”, color correction, sound correction, overlaying the soundtrack and its adaptation to a video sequence, animation of objects, video editing.


Academy of Visual Art, Kharkiv

Courses on documentary filmmaking
September 2018 — November 2018


School of Photography «Warmlab»

Basics of photography and processing
February 2017 — April 2017


Professional Artistic Lyceum "SPCP"

2016 - 2017