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About me

Hello, my potential employer. My name is Oleksii, I’m 32, I’m from Ukraine and I’m a scriptwriter. I have a higher technical education, according to my diploma I am a radio engineer, but I already graduated from university. I started to work in the construction industry as a professional builder. About 5 years ago I moved to Kyiv and all this time in Kyiv I worked as an industrial climber. This is a very exciting and interesting job. Video editing has always been my hobby, my passion. Even when I worked as a climber, I took a lot of photos, edited small videos all the time. And this was a good advertisement for me and my business. That’s why I decided to move in that direction. And first of all, I finished a few training courses in scriptwriting. And I already have several completed projects: it is short animated video explainers and social videos. On these projects, I worked in a team with other guys like illustrators and animators. I know how to work with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. Recently I learned how to do simple characters and shape animation in After Effects. And also from my past work, I still have an ability to work with people, work on several projects at once, plan my time for months ahead, and always be prepared for different unexpected situations. I do my work creatively and responsibly. That’s why as a climber and as a builder I have dozens of completed projects and satisfied clients. Now I am looking for an opportunity to start my career in video production. First of all, I’m interested in getting a position as a scriptwriter and a project manager. But I also have nothing against another option, it could be a video editor or maybe a creative copywriter. The main thing is that it should be an interesting job where I can grow up as a writer and movie maker. In the future, I plan to continue my education, I want to finish a film director course. And maybe someday I can shoot a movie based on my own script. Thanks for your attention. Bye!


Remote Helpers
Video editor
March 2021 — present

Editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting.

Indicio Technologies
Lead generation manager
May 2021 — June 2021

Finding leads on foreign markets, making the email funnels, 5 -’10 new emails per month, conducting a database of appointments, developing alternative channels of lead generation.

Junior lead generation manager
September 2020 — January 2021

Searching for potential customers, negotiating with them, offering the company's product.


Screenwriter, illustrator and editor.
2020 — 2021

Makeing a project for the customer; animating video explanations for the mobile application Smart Svit.


Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
Engineer Specialist in Television, Radio and Broadcasting System
— Master
September 2005 — June 2011