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About me

Hi! My name is Roman, I’m 18, I’m from Odessa, and I’ve been shooting, making montages, and editing photo and video content for 5 years now. For video montages and subsequent post-processing I use Premiere Pro and After Effects. When I need to work on colors – I use Davinci Resolve. And If I need to edit a photo, change the background, or retouch, my best choice is Photoshop. My latest work you can actually see on your screen right now. In my spare time, I’m shooting my own web series. At the last shooting, I was managing a large team of people and felt completely confident directing them. Therefore, you can see that I’m fit for leadership positions, that I am a perfect team player, because the result of every single one of my team members with my assistance was flawless. My last place of employment was Unicorn media company. There I was appointed an editing director and managed to release as many as 10 clips for a channel Lalilu, which was owned by that company. It was part-time work, and my plan is to continue working part-time at other jobs. Often I take orders without a full understanding of how to carry them out. That’s when my “Fast learner” mode switches on, that’s one of the things I’m proud of. One of such examples was an order from a Betting Office, where my task was to make a 3D logo, despite the fact that at that time I had no experience working with 3D. I downloaded Blender, looked up tutorials on YouTube, and began to complete the task. As a result, in a day and a half I sent a finished order to the client, they accepted it without asking for any changes. For now, I would like to engage in shooting advertisement clips, music videos, and short films. I prefer to be a part of content production myself than post-processing. Working with the lights, choosing locations, props, and storyboarding – that’s what I’m best at, unfortunately, I haven’t received large projects like this yet, but my own. My name is Roman, choose me, bye!


Remote Helpers
Video editor
December 2020 — Present

Editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting.

Freelance video maker
September 2020 — December 2020

Filming and editing for various projects as a freelance worker

Unicorn Media I.CC
Film editor
June 2020 — September 2020

Creation of videos in two languages (Russian and English), for various social networks and YouTube


College of Communication and Informatization of ONAT
Software developer
September 2018 — June 2022