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Create a new voice-over for your video products with our VD

To create a voice-acting, you need to hire a voice-actors and find a good recording studio. But our team has already set up everything you need.

We provide our client with the different voice acting services

Our voice performing specialists develop voice-over recording to create original sound accompaniment for your videos. To make your videos more popular among foreign audiences, we create voice-over translation to change the speech from the video into any foreign language. Also, our video editors add text to voice-over or subtitles.

What types of voice-over can we create for you?

Animation voice-over

any content that may be left out on the visual side of things can be replaced with a voice over

Announcer voice-over

use our service of voice announcer for professional marketing

Audio books voice-over

is for marketing your audiobook business and get new clients

Corporate voice-over

is a voice of companies for public branding, instructional products and different internal training 

Commercial voice-over

is one of the most effective ways of promotion, commercial voice for promotion of particular service or product 

E-Learning voice over

adding the voice to the online learning process 

Find the video editor according to your production purpose

The primary purpose of using voice-over for a video is to improve your video and make it more informative to get more clients who will follow you. If you need voice-over for order & service, we guarantee that with the help of quality videos, you will get more orders for your business. Our specialists will help you promote your products by voice-over advertising on the internet and in social nets. If you have a channel on YouTube, we can make your podcast more interesting with voice-over for YouTube vlogs.

Choose the right voice-over artist by looking at the samples

Voice-over audio sample

examples of a creative audio voice-over 

Male voice-over artist-

recorded voices of our male specialists for your business

Female voice over artist

recorded voices of our female specialists for your project

Hire our professional voice over specialists for video production

Voice over actor

the person who voices video and movies 

Voice over producer

the expert who controls the process of post-production

Voice over specialist

voice recording specialist

To place an order and receive counselling, fill in the form below and we will contact you.